Wild and Crazy Apron.jpg

One's apron tells a good story about one's practice. Are you messy, tidy, colorful, monotone, consistent, and most importantly, do you love what you do? 

My sister sends me new aprons from time to time. They are always received with delight. Each time I wrap one around me, I can hear her encouragement and feel her love. 

An artist's apron is also a badge of honor. Usually, the more paint on the apron, the more fun-loving the artist. I have 7 aprons. Some are ready to archive because they are so stiff with paint, and some are waiting for the next project. Each day is a new adventure, and today's apron calls for wild and crazy!

Tell me. What does your apron say about you?



Dink and Steadly 9X12 HR copy.jpg

Bachelor of Fine Art Degree. What does that really mean? Master of Fine Art Degree. Doctorate? Is it essential? No.


Four years, or eight years in my case, of struggling with finding your voice and spending 18 hours a day in the studio while studying for chemistry exams… yes, chemistry. Who would have thought chemistry had any use whatsoever to an artist? It does.


And, of course the college life. “I’ll sleep when I’m older,” was a saying among the art department students, and even some of the professors. I’m not sure creative people really do sleep, in the sense of stopping brain activity. The body runs out of energy and the artist passes out from physical exhaustion only to wake in the middle of the night with yet more inspiration and mentally building the next conception.


“Where’s my sketchbook!”



Being an artist is a lonely profession. You must be your own best friend. Not only must we take care of ourselves emotionally, physically, and mentally, but sometimes we need friends from somewhere else.


I have two wonderful canine studio assistants who keep me on my toes. They make sure to shred all the trash and spread it around so I know to take it out. Or, to remind me (constantly) to take a break and walk outside for a few minutes. 

Or, maybe our friends aren't people or pets. They might be imaginary.

Dink and Steadley are just a couple of my imaginary friends. They all live together on a farm and try to get along with one another. Lessons for all of us. 

So, if you are lonely, look around. You might be surprised.

See ya,