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Before I Was Me 14

American Abstract Expressionist artist Karen Mosbacher is a synesthetic painter, known for the brilliant colors, line work, balance, and movement in her work. Growing up surrounded by the sounds of classical and jazz music, she utilizes her synesthetic way of seeing sound to create energetic paintings. “The closer I am to an instrument, the more vibrant the colors, textures, and shapes are in the notes.The movement of Classical and the rhythms of Jazz live deep in my bones.”

Ms. Mosbacher's recent work employs another form of synesthesia with which she lives called "Associative." People who feel a very strong and involuntary connection between the stimulus and the sense that it triggers also experience bright color reactions in emotion. This body of work comes from deep emotions that manifest into her color work and her immeasurable belief in social justice.


Ms. Mosbacher is also a published author and children’s book illustrator.