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Karen Mosbacher
Artist Statement

Growing up surrounded by the sounds of classical and jazz music, my journey as an abstract expressionist painter has developed utilizing a condition I have had since birth, known as Synesthesia. Working with music of different genres, as well as poetry, story, and other auditory processes, I paint what I see to create paintings full of rhythm, color, line work, texture, balance, and movement. Two of the forms of synesthesia I have are called Auditory Tactile, which means i viscerally feel sound, and Chromaesthesia, which means I see sound, specifically though music, in color shape and texture.


My passion for classical music has been in my soul, ears, and eyes since birth. Jazz, too, with its beautiful self-expressive beats, wild rhythms, and emotional freedom. 


The “Ninth Street Women” of the abstract expressionist period, particularly Helen Frankenthaler and Joan Mitchell, speak permission to me to explore and paint what I "see" and "feel" when I hear sound, especially music. The paint on my canvases imagines the vibrations of sound waves with thick and graceful textured layers of strokes.  Since classical music, new music, and jazz music are a part of my DNA, it is vital for me to visually share the depth of music through expressionist painting.


Painting continues to be a unique source of imagination; mine exemplifies my interest in sensory explorations of composition, movement, shape, color, and texture. These painted interpretations of movement and colors in abstracted sound-to-sight sensory depictions of music and other auditory art, enable my much deeper understanding of collaborative process. It is my passionate desire to paint what I see, and to collaborate with musicians, artists, writers, and poets to inspire others to live more profoundly through the arts.

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